Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Anxiety Touches

Goin down in a spiral
Don't know what to do
Depression not so much
But anxiety's through the roof

I'm tryin so hard
Just to make it through
Tried the ER
But they just throw pills and bills at you

Goin to therapy
But that only helps so much
When you cry every day
Cause anxiety's got you crushed

Gotta keep prayin
It's my only recourse
I'm tryin to be positive
Gotta keep lit that torch

The torch of hope
Hope for the future
A time of no pain
When everything's kosher

But sometimes I don't wanna be positive
I hate it all
I'm so exhausted
I often fall

Fall into the trap
Trap of self pity
It's just like quick sand
Can't move, full of rigidity

Anxiety touches
Every aspect of my life