Friday, July 22, 2011

You're Ok, Ya' Know?! - For My Wonderful Sister

Take flight from your past
Leave behind the shadow cast

Chalk it up to experience
Relax, gone is the violence

You're finally free from all the pain
You'll never have to live it, ever again

They've already taken your past from you
Don't let them have your present life, too

Take charge of yourself, your feelings, your life
You're a wonderful mother, daughter, sister and wife

You've got it together, now never let go
You've got too much to live for, you're okay ya' know

These things won't be called into heart or to mind
For Jehovah is gracious, tender, loving and kind

Don't ever forget - you're worth all of that
So get on with your life & don't ever look back!


There's beauty in life
though crushed and despised
despite all the lies
and untimely demise
still we can certainly thrive
Oh yes there was strife
yet they were blessings in disguise
we'd never have known the joy
if not for the fight
the fine fight of the faith
keeping eyes on the prize
our hope for the future
an earthly paradise
So feel not the shame
others bestowed upon you
& live for Jehovah
the only God True